The Ultimate Deer Hanger was designed for someone like you and me.  Hunters
who want a reliable product that works, has quality craftsmanship, and does what it
claims to do.  The Ultimate Deer Hanger was made to make handling a deer easier
for one person, whether it be hanging the deer or in the skinning and processing of
the deer.  The Ultimate Deer Hanger was designed by avid hunters who have used
other means of hanging a deer and were just not satisfied with the old hanger that
looks like a coat hanger, or a metal pipe, or even a notched 2 X 4 piece of wood with
a rope tied in the middle.

Lance Wheeler has lived in Northern Michigan all of his life.  He is a Journeyman
Tool & Die Maker.  He is also a Vietnam Veteran who served his country from July
1970 through July 1971 in Vietnam.  While there he drove a command tank for the
1/77th Armor Division, Bravo Company 3rd platoon.

He has hunted deer, pheasant, goose, turkeys, and fished for trout in Northern
Michigan for as long as he can remember.  He has always processed his own deer,
and those of his friends and family.  He is very aware of the problems of other
hangers used while processing deer.  

Frank Andera grew up on the Missouri River breaks in South Central South Dakota.  
In his early life, he became an avid hunter, hunting deer, antelope, rabbits, and yes
pheasants, South Dakota’s state bird.  

He learned early how to butcher and process deer.  After a while, he was processing
deer for others.  He became a teacher and has lived in other states such as
Montana, Wisconsin, and now in Michigan.  He continues to be an avid deer hunter.

Lance and Frank met at the local Sportsmen’s Club.  They both served on the Club’s
board, and became very good friends.  They belong to the same deer camp, along
with about ten other dedicated deer hunters.  While processing deer, they would
discuss the problems that they would have with the inadequate hangers that they
were using.  It is because of this cooperation between friends that they were able to
develop the Ultimate Deer Hanger.

During the development stages, they were looking for a hanger that one person
could use by themselves.  A hanger that when hooked into the legs of the deer would
not fall out until they needed the hanger to be removed.  When removing one side
(hind quarter) of the deer, the other would remain hanging, instead of falling onto the
floor.  After development came testing and retesting until they were satisfied with the

This is the story of how the design for the Ultimate Deer Hanger was developed.  The
new design is made with High Grade aluminum, (6061-T6), rated to hold up to 400
lbs. while the hanger itself weighs only 1.7 lbs.  It is not burdensome or hard to carry
during your hunting trip, and is very easy to store between hunting trips.

The Ultimate Deer Hanger can be used by one person.  Once the hanger is hooked
into the legs of the deer, it will remain in place.  The legs do not come off the hanger,
even when moving the deer on the ground or while skinning or processing the deer
while it hangs.

The partners of this small start-up Michigan company believe that after using their
unique deer hanger, you will see the many benefits it has to offer.
:: The Story of The Ultimate Deer Hanger::
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